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New Heights Group, LLC is a consulting and executive coaching organization that is dedicated to helping you and your organization engage in positive transformational change. We collaborate in innovative partnerships with other consultants and executive coaches to provide our services to clients.

New Heights provides its services throughout the change cycle:

  • at the outset with bold visioning and strategy development,
  • at implementation with executive coaching, leadership development, team development, and action learning, and
  • at resistance where “dreams and fears collide” and the excitement of change meets the fear of success.

We seek to co-design innovative strategies and processes that support, engage, and energize you and your organization in making transformational change from visioning and strategy development to implementation. We specialize in using Appreciative Inquiry, an innovative, highly participative approach to change that supports your organization in discovery around the “best” of what is and its core values as you achieve transformational change.


Roselyn Kay


At the core level we believe that our clients inherently know or are capable of discovering what they want to achieve. We know that:

  • Transformational change is possible when people energetically lead from their strengths, work together collaboratively, and when their values and those of the organization are aligned and reflected in the vision, strategies and goals.
  • Every organization and every person has core strengths and values –the keys to their untapped potential. Upon discovering these key strengths, new possibilities abound and energy increases.
  • Every individual in an organization impacts the whole.

We seek to use our strengths to complement those of our clients. We are measured by the value that our clients believe we add to the process.