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Are your current and potential leaders capable of leading in this ever complex, diverse, and multicultural environment? Can they maximize the strengths and value of each team member?

Today, human organizations that operate in complex, diverse and multicultural environments can improve their results through leaders who value the natural diversity of leadership styles and talents of group members. Seasoned and emergent leaders can use support in learning the impact of their own diverse styles on those they lead and their business results. New Heights Group, LLC offers executive leadership coaching through an appreciative and reflective process that affords leaders at all levels a means to discover their strongest personal and leadership attributes, broaden their perspectives, increase personal confidence, enhance communication with others, and improve results.

Leading change that is transformative or revolutionary requires leaders to personally shift. Leaders must act, lead, and model new skills and behaviors if they want to produce different results. Leaders with an executive coach as a reflective partner have discovered:

  • New vigor and energy in the awareness of their strengths
  • Greater ability to collaborate with others using the best of their skills, abilities and behaviors
  • Stronger relationships with others internally and externally

We provide executive coaching through an appreciative process that helps executives and others identify what they do well, possibly extraordinarily well, and then learn ways to maximize these strengths in the business environment where managing polarities can create significant challenges. We also offer a variety of assessment tools, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, for clients looking to gain a deeper understanding of their communication and decision style.

Many of our clients say that coaching has energized them to try new ways of working and being with others. Coaching using a strength-based approach helps clients recognize and own the value that they bring to what they do and who they are. Clients have also discovered long lost passions that, once remembered, offer a way to balance life and work and bring renewed vigor to their professional and personal life.


Coaching Conversations With The Body - April 27-28, 2015

Connect to the inner insight and wisdom that resides within the body. This 2-day focus on somatic sensibility in coaching conversations offers a learning and practice environment with other coaches who are interested in bringing more of the body domain into their coaching work. Click here for more information.


Creating Body-Centered Connections With Clients - April 29, 2015

This one-day, experiential “spotlight” session offers a learning and practice program for coaches who have some body-centered coaching experience, and who are interested in deepening their learning. The body-centered program is designed to help coaches grow their coaching capacity by applying exercises and practices that help clients to unravel and reframe the body, mind and spirit. We’ll also simulate body-centered coaching conversations over the phone. Click here for more information.