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Does your organization have a sustainable capacity for vision development and strategic planning?

If so, is it sufficient to move the organization beyond the present state? A healthy organization often reflects a vital interplay of bold visioning and strategies that are aligned with their core values. New Heights Group, LLC offers an approach to visioning and strategy development that is highly inclusive, bringing people together from all levels of the organization and includes external stakeholders. We use various technologies including Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space, that can be modified or changed to fit an organization's needs.


How is change affecting your organization?

An organization that embraces and pioneers change is often more successful, has more satisfied employees, and is more likely to be seen as a leader in their environment. Mergers and acquisitions, new competition, rapid expansion, all create times of significant transition. Often, the organization does not reap the value it expected at or during the transition. New Heights Group, LLC can support an organization's efforts to create a compelling case for change: one that values the human capital in the organization and one that recognizes the impact of culture on the organization's ability to make critical changes.


Do your leaders and employees work effectively cross-functionally with others in this complex, ever demanding, and diverse work environment? Leaders and team members who know and value the skills, knowledge, abilities, learning style and preferences that exist within the team are more likely to have positive business results. New Heights Group, LLC delivers team development experiences around effective communication, leadership, personality preferences, conflict and learning styles that can help individual team members increase their teaming capabilities. We use a variety of assessments to guide team members in understanding each other including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for individuals and teams (MBTI).